MindFX Science was created as a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated energy drinks and pre-workout products. We achieve this result naturally via the use of adaptogenic herbs, strategic use of vitamins, minerals and natural flavoring.

  • Rhodiola, our adaptogen, increases vitality and immunity and reduces fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations.
  • Siberian ginseng, another adaptogen, increases mood and physical performance.
  • Organic Beet Powder helps with oxygen uptake due to the high nitrate content.
  • Vitamin B12 helps support the body’s ATP production, the energy our cells run on.
  • Theobromine used to relax the bronchial muscles in the lungs, which increases oxygen flow to the brain. In addition to its stimulant properties, theobromine also promotes heart health, good cholesterol levels, and more.
  • Caffeine (low 75mg) as a natural stimulant has been associated with positive effects on the brain and an array of health benefits.
  • Ginko Biloba acts to enhance oxygen utilization and thus improves memory, concentration, and other mental faculties.
Our original formula was developed for competitive athletes and designed to be a blend of all natural neuronutrients that increase focus and concentration.
MindFX Performance Pro was developed and perfected with some of the most fittest athletes on the planet that required additional nutrients like Vitamin C and electrolytes to help sustain mental focus and reduce fatigue.
Our powdered drink mix uses water as its delivery system ensuring a healthy balance of hydration.