Robert Krakoff, President Emeritus & Founder at Razer says MindFX Science all began with one big idea.

“As a lifelong athlete, I’ve thought about the edge a better brain could give me in my sports.”In 1985, a capsule called “Smart Pills” made the cover of Scientific America Magazine. It was a complete issue on the brain and it completely fascinated Robert. He always knew that all athletes had different neurological wiring, although he never knew why. Regardless of training and conditioning, some athletes seem to virtually disappear at the end of a race or sporting event. “Why was Michael Jordan always such a force in the fourth quarter of a big game?” he wondered.Robert and his friends became excited about the concept of improving mental capacity. Faster recall and better brain storage meant overall better performance. If you could get faster reaction times, improved hand-eye coordination, and an enhanced ability to focus under extreme competitive pressure–all with the help of a pill–what would you be able to accomplish?

It was a business idea that would have to be stored for the next nineteen years. There was something he needed to do first.Robert was an avid gamer. He recognized the need to invent the first gaming mouse. So he hired mechanical, electrical and software engineers to develop the technology, raised some capital, and launched the Razer Boomslang Mouse in 1999.

Soon enough Robert’s business moved on to keyboards, audio, and other interactive hardware devices. Today, Razer is an international, billion-dollar corporation that’s loved by gamers all over the world. The company had a very simple mission statement, “To provide the end user with an advantage in their game.”The mission is nearly the same for MindFX Science, “To provide the end user with a mental edge for their sport.”

To develop the very best and the safest formulas, Robert hired one of the top formulators in the U.S. to create his version of a smart pill. One that would give athletes, gamers, and all sorts of skilled professionals alike, a safe and effective mental boost. It’s the very same formula that remains the bulwark of MindFX Science’s performance formula today.

Over the years, MindFX Science has received many accolades from its customers and is always moving forward to truly be the fuel for the mind.