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Our Performance Pro formula is a complete athletic supplement designed to optimize any athletes physical and mental potential. Works great as a pre-workout.


This formula is designed for those that require increased mental focus and alertness but are not preparing for a physically demanding day.


I'm a full time worker and a full time student so I have tried just about every product out there. Mindfx has been by far the greatest energy drink that I've ever tried. I didn't get the shakes like I got from coffee or a crash like I did with redbulls or rockstars. The best part about it is that I can drink a Mindfx in class and instead of getting so hyper that I can't focus, I become awake and entirely focused. Great for studying, and not to mention.. it's delicious!

Chels31Greatest Energy Boost

In the past when I played racquet ball I would try the Ephedra drinks and they gave me energy but I had zero concentration. Not only did we learn Ephedra based products are bad they caused the jitters and loss of focus and concentration. Then I tried MindFx and WOW what a difference. I not only had sustained energy I had complete focus. The way I describe it is you feel like you are "in the zone" when you take MindFX. I'm so happy it's now available for purchase on Amazon.

SportsNutSports Junkie

Amazing result first time I experienced Mind-FX. In our HOA pool having awakened that morning at 4AM to drive my daughter and son -in-law to LAX (190 miles round trip). I was spent and felt confused, disoriented and without energy. I was with my wife of 40 yrs.when a water bottle of Mind-FX was offered to help me over my dilemma. Some 5-8 mins. later I felt entirely focused and re-oriented with a clear head. It truly was amazing and have enjoyed the benefits of this product since last summer.

NormTo tell you the Truth!

MindFX has NO crash and keeps me focused on the task at hand. Not only does it make me more alert but helps me with my day to day tasks. In the past when I was racing motocross professionally, it helped me get to the next level. The taste is awesome, the people behind it are great men of God and I'm so pumped its finally on Amazon! Thanks for such an outstanding product Mindfx!!

JGmx327MindFX is such a great product

I realize that I may not be one of the guys charging around the track every Saturday, but I can say for certain that I walk a lot farther than they do all day and night. On average I walk about 11-13 miles per race day, and that isn't factoring in all the stairs. At A1 I thought I would be good to go, but I am not in "race shape" at all. By 5:00 I was dead tired with a wicked headache! Searching the pits for some Aleeve to no avail, so I mixed up some MindFX and pounded it! WIthin a few minutes headache was gone and I was fired up for the rest of the night. Got home and passed out with no jittery after effects.

Chris GanzBrown Dog Wilson

I love mindFX I have been using it for over a year and can't get enough. I started taking it when I was waitressing and it helped me keep focused and have energy. I still take it everyday to help me with my busy life. I love the taste and how its not a syrupy energy drink but a refreshing vitamin mix to add to your water.
I'm so glad this is finally on Amazon!

JoannaSo Perfect!

Believe me, I have tried every form of pre race post race drink. This by far is the Best I have used. It Give my just the right amount of energy without that over-caffeinated feeling. And The biggest bonus..NO CRASH! This will be the only pre race drink I will consume.

Dave811Best I have used

Wow!!! My son turned me on to this fantastic product. I am sixty years old and my brain just is not like it used to be. Taking the MindFX has really help me with energy, focus and even peace of mind and mood. I have been really depressed in the last 6 months, and suffer with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder.) I started taking this every day for the last 2 months, I have tried other products and I am even taking meds for my GAD. I feel great knowing I can manage my GAD with a natural solution.

Linda EckertEnergy! Focus! Peace!

When I was first introduced to MindFX Performance Supplements I was a bit skeptical, you see, I was big Gatorade drinker and would also have an occasional energy drink, but now after taking MindFX for the past 2 years (every morning) there is no need to drink anything else to start my day. It clears my mind and gets me ready for a productive day. I no longer drink coffee in the AM (which my dentist noticed right away on my first checkup). Try it for yourself and see. Enjoy!

Four11Two years later...and still going strong!

I've tried numerous supplements that purport to increase one's energy level and/or brainpower. So far, this is the absolute best product I've tried. My mind is far clearer after using this in the a.m. and I feel as though I have unlimited energy to take on just about any task, mental or physical. I don't get jittery or have any kind of a crash. I would definitely recommend Mind FX as a great supplement that does exactly what it advertises.

StarguyLove this Stuff

I work in the restaurant industry which includes crazy hours! I also work a second job in the morning. I normally don't like energy drinks because they make me feel jittery. I do however Love this product!!!! We all love it at work because it makes us feel amazing without the effect of crashing. I love it over ice mixed with soda water and a squeeze of lemon! So refreshing and yummy.

LDAmazingness in a packet!

So glad it's on Amazon now. I've tried so many energy drinks and none compare to this one!!! It gives me the extra boost that I need when I workout with out the shakey caffeine effect that most other pre-workout drinks have. My mind feels clearer and more focused when I drink my Mind FX.
Love, love it!!! Thank you Amazon!

Michelle ScorpioLove this product!

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