Daniel L @dl591

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Logan K @karnow471

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Alexander R @onamission937

"I have been extremely impressed with it's effectiveness, natural healthy ingredients and how much better it has been making me feel"

Derek S

"MindFX is an awesome product.  Been through a ton of preworkout and other supplement combinations to find what works for racing.  Nothing works close to as well as MindFX for me.  I haven't felt this good since my mid 20's.  My results are awesome this year and I use it at every race."

Levi McManus, Australia (Pro Motocross)

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Levi C @levi.j.carpenter

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Steve C

"MindFX delivers a very even, controllable and non jittery power band.  I'd say that most such products are akin to the power band of a 2 stoke, where MindFX delivers the sweet rolled open power of a big Thumper"


"I have used it while riding motocross, competing and training in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and when out training on my mountain bike and I've got to say it seems to extend the bottom end of my fitness and allows me to dig deeper than I normally would while remaining focused on technique"