Need A Daily Alternative to Coffee? Try Natural Energy Drinks

Need A Daily Alternative to Coffee? Try Natural Energy Drinks

No more jitters, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Here’s 5 reasons why you should switch to natural energy drinks to get your healthy energy boost.

Coffee is the daily go-to drink for millions of people all over the world. We all love a good productivity boost, what we don’t love though, are the side effects.

Aside from experiencing the jitters, anxiety, and sleep deprivation from coffee, dependency can be a sign that it’s finally time to look for an alternative.

If you could have a drink that gave you all the benefits of a cup of coffee without the dreaded side effects, would it change your life?

If you’ve been looking for a healthier alternative to coffee then read on because this might just be the drink for you.

What are natural energy drinks?

To understand what natural energy drinks are, you first have to learn about nootropics.

To put it simply, nootropics are any compound that helps improve the brain in any way. You’ll often find them being referred to as brain boosters or cognitive enhancers. You’ve probably had some type of natural energyin your life already, you just didn’t know it. For example, caffeine, turmeric, and ginseng are just a few popular examples out of an extensive list.

natural energy drinks are made out of natural energystacks. A natural energystack is the combination of multiple types of nootropics to create a desired effect like boosting mental performance.

natural energy drinks use a precise kind of science that makes sure all the chosen compounds support each other and work in concert to create that desired effect. This is what makes natural energy drinks simple but highly effective.


Here’s a quick overview of MindFX’s stacking formula.


Who are natural energy drinks for? 

If you’re someone who could use a little energy boost, some clarity of the mind and experience an overall more productive day without the jitters, natural energy drinks are for you.

MindFX Science is a drink mix that’s relied on by athletes, gamers, bodybuilders, musicians, dads who are on a long drive, and students who just want a more productive study session.


Why should you try natural energy drinks?

People usually discover natural energy drinks after they’ve had enough of the side effects of coffee and energy drinks. Millions of people wake up to coffee every day and continue to enjoy it. But more and more people are realizing that it only gives you short bursts of energy and can make one feel hyper instead of productive, only to crash at the end of the day.

This is an alternative that promises you get none of that and offers more benefits that could change the way you approach every day.


It’s healthier than coffee

Health experts generally agree that nootropics are the healthier alternative to other supplements and stimulants like coffee. That’s because a lot of nootropics are made out of natural ingredients like herbs, making it safe to drink daily and even in the long run.

While MindFX still uses caffeine, it only uses the minimum amount needed to give you an energy boost, while the adaptogen herbs (namely, ginkgo biloba and rhodiola rosea) make sure your body is relaxed and at ease while still being boosted for optimal performance.

That means no more jitters, no more headaches, no more crashing, no more caffeine dependency, no more sleep deprivation, and no more moodiness.

A quality natural energydrink can also last longer. MindFX Science is formulated to make sure you experience sustained energy that feels good for a longer period of time. So you can say goodbye to drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day.


It’s not just an energy booster, it’s a mental performance booster

MindFX Science was originally designed for athletes like motocross riders who need intense mental focus to perform well. Now it’s being enjoyed by just about anyone who could use the mental energy boost.

The ingredients used in it like the rhodiola rosea herb has been proven to enhance both physical and cognitive vitality. Additionally, organic beet powder is known to improve oxygen distribution throughout the entire body while vitamin B12 is the one that supplies your brain with enough mental energy through increased ATP production.

With our brains happily getting that nutritional boost from the nootropics, it follows that our bodies are just as energized and optimized for performance.


It enhances your focus and productivity

Because of all the cognitive enhancers at play, natural energy drinks have the ability to clear the mind and keep you focused so you don’t get easily distracted from the task at hand. This is why students typically enjoy this drink when they need absolute focus to study.


It sharpens your mind and reflexes

When your mind is supplied with the right amount of oxygen and nutrients, it performs at its best.

That’s why theobromine, which is known to increase the oxygen flow to the brain, was added to the MindFX stack. Studies have also shown that theobromine can improve brain function.

If your tasks include constantly solving puzzles, strategic thinking, and even creative thinking, one serving of a natural energydrink can help you clear your mind and work not just faster, but better.


It enhances your mood

Have you ever had coffee and experienced a small panic rise? Well, you’re not alone. According to researchers, stress and anxiety can often be linked to caffeine consumption. If you’re prone to things like that, it might be better to find an alternative that won’t cause you unnecessary stress.

This is another reason why theobromine is so useful in MindFX’s stack. According to research, theobromine positively enhances our mood and our state of alertness. 

How do you consume natural energy drinks?

While the act of brewing coffee may be a therapeutic morning ritual for some, not everybody has that time. Sometimes you just want to grab a quick drink and get your fill for the day.

MindFX Science is a drink mix so you just have to mix the powder with some water and you’re good to go. Simple and no fuss, just like our formula.

It’s best enjoyed with cold water and some customers have claimed to feel the effect only a couple of minutes after consumption. Don’t take it from us, take it from the reviews.

We offer a variety of flavors so make sure to check out all our products to find out which formula works best for you.