Energy Supplements for Gamers

Energy Supplements for Gamers

Taking a gaming energy supplement is the simplest way to boost and improve your mental performance. The current brain booster in the world market amplifies and enhances cognitive functioning, which is paramount in strong gaming performance. In most cases, gaming success is determined by the functioning of the brain. Studies have revealed that the world’s most popular nootropic can significantly increase the reaction of the mind. Energy gaming supplement improves your speed response, decision-making ability, and creation of spatial awareness.  The rise of national and international games has transformed the gaming supplement market into an enormous business venture. This increased popularity of gaming has created a tremendous explosion of gaming supplements options in the market, igniting confusion on the best viable energy supplement to take.  Did you know that not all energy supplements for gamers paraded in the markets provide desirable results? This article will provide crucial information that will help you as a gamer to navigate the process of buying an outstanding gaming supplement. 

How energy supplements help with gaming

Supplements can be responsible for improving several cognitive functions that elevate your gaming performance. Energy supplements enhance your brain performance in the following ways: 

Stress resistance

Highly competitive and intense gaming can yield counterproductive stresses. Energy supplements for gamers boost the brain to resist pressure, enhancing logical and clear-thinking during engagement in most gaming scenarios. 

Strategic thinking

One of the most striking elements for any successful gamer is strategy. Energy supplements help to revamp your brain functioning, which underlies virtual strategic thinking, including the aspects of learning, energized memory and navigating higher levels of cognitive functioning. 

Enhances creativity

Superb creative problem-solving in gaming scenarios helps in winning them. In the world of video gaming, profound multiple creativity solutions have been developed to counter these challenges. Nootropics help in fostering an ideal mind state, facilitating creative thinking that can assist gamers in solving tricky puzzles leaving their competitors awestruck. 

Provision of mental energy

Active and energized thinking is crucial for effective and outstanding gaming participation, especially late-night games, and marathons. Nootropics act as a free energy brain stimulant for a healthier competitive boost.

Enhances a gamer’s working memory

Working memory is also referred to as short-term memory. Working memory is a vital key for any victory to be realized in any video games across the globe. Short-term memory nootropics can help a gamer in pattern recognition and retracement of recent steps in a video game, thus sharpening the competitive edge. 

Focus and attention

Energy supplement boosters assist in sharpening the focus of a gamer, hence translating into fluid gameplay and faster reactions. 


       focus and creativity


What are nootropics?

They are supplements, drugs, and other substances that may improve cognitive functions, especially memory creativity and accomplishing executive functions. They are also regarded as any synthetic or natural substance that may create a positive impact on mental functioning.  Nootropics fall under three categories: 
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dietary supplements
  • Synthetic compounds
According to researchers acquiring the right nootropic prescription can help you think more clearly and sharply and mitigate your cognitive decline as you age. 

Types of nootropics

Do you know that almost everyone has used a nootropic in his/her entire life without their knowledge? Caffeine is the most utilized stimulant globally and has shown tremendous improvement in thinking skills. It provides neurotransmitters in your cognitive domain such as acetylcholine which helps in preserving short-term memory as well as learning.  Most people who have developed an interest in nootropics are not only sticking to tea or caffeine use, but they are also exploring other dietary supplements like ginkgo and ginseng. Different types of nootropics include:  Modafinil: The FDA has approved it, and it is responsible for treating apnea, sleep issues and narcolepsy. These supplements have shown remarkable improvement in learning and sustaining memory in healthy people. Modafinil is regarded as safer than other stimulants, but more advanced research needs to be undertaken to prove this.  Racetams: These types of synthetic compounds are easily accessible in the U.S over the counter, but they are labeled as drugs in other countries. These compounds can affect neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine in the brain. These compounds are recommended to be consumed by the younger and healthy populace. Types of nootropic racetams include:
  • Pramiracetam
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Piracetam
  • Aniracetam
Prescription nootropics: They contain a large percentage of stimulants as those in ADHD medication. These synthetic compounds are not advocated for people who want to seek to enhanced focus and attention. These boosters are acquired illegally and manifest undesirable effects such as blurry vision, high blood pressure, insomnia and aggravate addiction.  L-theanine: Studies have revealed that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine instills multi-tasking abilities in an individual. The best alternative combination is drinking pure green tea.  CDP-choline: This type of synthetic compound has exhibited desirable results in boosting memory. It has also shown tremendous improvement in people who have dementia caused by vascular problems in the cognitive domain. Researchers mostly recommend it because it has no side effects.  Creatine monohydrate: This compound is mostly found in supplements meant for building massive muscles in the body. This improves short-term memory and reasoning skills in healthy people. There is no doubt in its safety because it contains ATP which provides more cellular energy in the body.  Bacopa Monnieri: It is a traditional Indian herb, also referred to as brahim. Studies have shown this aid in the brain to process information faster. It assists the branching nerves of the nerve cell to proliferate. 

What our supplement contains

MINDFX is popularly known for its Mental Focus Formula. This supplement contains vitamins, organic beet juice and natural adaptogenic herbs which provide a superb accessory for achieving maximum attention and alertness in the body, thus mitigating body fatigue. MindFX Performance is often considered the #1” Gamer Endurance powder” and was created by Rob Krakoff (co-Founder of Razer) and his wife Patsi.  MINDFX can be consumed as a daily supplement as it is a natural compound working in tandem with the body chemistry. This formula will improve an individual’s physical and intellectual development, supporting your development journey and physical fitness.