Is it Okay to Consume Nootropic Drinks Everyday?

Is it Okay to Consume Nootropic Drinks Everyday?

You’ve heard about the cognitive booster drink that boosts your energy without the jitters. But is it actually safe to drink everyday?

Coffee remains to be one of the most popular energy-boosting drinks in the world today. According to surveys, people primarily drink it to stay awake during the day and to do a better job at whatever they might be doing. But the side effects of coffee--sleeplessness, anxiety, and jitters, to name a few--are making it hard for some to make it a daily drink.

With these associated side effects, it’s no wonder more people are hoping to find a healthier alternative. So what exactly would make a good alternative?

Athletes, gamers, working professionals, and even students are starting to discover the benefits of nootropic drinks. But before officially switching to it, some questions need to be answered.

How much of it can you drink, how often can you drink it, and does it have any side effects that are normally associated with other energy-boosting drinks? Read on to find out.

Why should you drink nootropic drinks?
Nootropic drinks are cognitive boosters. They don’t just help you feel more energized, they also help enhance your cognitive functions. You become more focused and alert, less susceptible to distractions, and you may even feel like your reflexes and coordination are sharper.

What makes nootropic drinks different from convenience store products is how they achieve these results. Compared to highly-caffeinated or sugary drinks, MindFX Science uses natural ingredients that have been strategically chosen through the science of nootropic stacking. This formula includes adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and natural stimulants that make sure your energy levels not only feel good, but also last longer.

What exactly are nootropic drinks made of and how does it work?
Before we proceed, take note that not all nootropic drinks are made the same way nor would it render the same results.

Nootropic stacking refers to the strategic use of more than one type of nootropic to achieve certain results. Each ingredient is chosen not only for its individual function, but also in its ability to work in synergy with the rest of the ingredients. And in this scientific way is how MindFX produces its results.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside MindFX and how they work.

Organic Beet Powder

Beetroot improves the overall oxygen distribution in the body, making you more physically energized.

Rhodiola Rosea
Mind FX takes advantage of a two-way function of R. Rosea in which it promotes both physical and cognitive vitality while also improving your body’s capacity to cope with physical and mental fatigue.

Caffeine (low)
On top of R. Rosea, just a low dose of this natural stimulant is enough to kick off the energy levels and make you more alert, improving your reaction time and coordination.

Ginkgo Biloba
An ancient herb that’s used to enhance cerebral blood flow to improve further mental faculties.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 actively works in the background to make sure your cells receive enough energy (called adenosine 5'-triphosphate or ATP) to run on.

Theobromine is a naturally occurring compound in the cocoa plant that’s used to positively influence our mood and state of mind.

MindFX is designed to improve your active brain functions by fueling the mind with these nutrients and improving overall blood flow.  The effect being a significant boost in focus and mental functions, while also minimizing fatigue.

So, are nootropic drinks safe?
By following the strict definition of Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the man who introduced nootropics to the world, yes. In Dr. Corneliu’s definition of a nootropic, it states that it should have “no usual pharmacological effects of psychotropic drugs.”

Studies do support this definition today. There are no known risks associated with nootropics. Given how nootropics typically come from natural resources, public health experts tend to consider them to be healthier compared to other products.

Is it healthier than energy drinks?
Researchers suggest caution when it comes to consuming energy drinks. While they may show beneficial results on physical performance, some adverse effects have been documented with the product. Some extreme cases linked with energy drinks include some serious cardiovascular and mental risks, especially with frequent consumption. This can be due to the fact that energy drinks may have excessive sugar and caffeine content.

On the other hand, MindFX uses the minimum amount of caffeine needed for an energy boost and adaptogenic herbs to relax the body and stabilize the heart rate.

Is it healthier than coffee?
Not everyone has the same metabolistic reaction to coffee. Which is why some people might immediately get the jitters with a few sips while others don’t. Additionally, coffee only works to stimulate the nervous system. As an effect, it may increase blood pressure and anxiety.

MindFX makes sure none of these occur with the use of the relaxing properties of R. Rosea and theobromine.

In short, nootropic drinks are healthier than coffee, the same way it’s healthier than energy drinks.

What about daily and long-term consumption?
Unlike coffee, it’s highly unlikely for you to develop any kind of tolerance or withdrawal symptoms with natural nootropics.

It’s possible to improve your daily mental performance without compromising your health in any way with natural nootropics like MindFX. This is all due to their organic nature and the way these natural ingredients work in synergy.