11 Ways to Increase & Improve Mental Stamina

11 Ways to Increase & Improve Mental Stamina

Did you know that some simple daily activities like the time we spend eating, exercising, and sleeping that many of us take for granted, can actually greatly impact your mental stamina? This type of stamina is one of the biggest contributors to energy levels in your brain. Possessing high mental energy levels can have the effect of boosting focus, confidence, happiness, motivation, and productivity. The state of your mind also has a huge impact on the level of physical energy.  Motivation and increased willpower can culminate into healthier eating habits, and reduced procrastination in your life. 


11 Ways to Increase and Improve Mental Stamina or PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Eat Right

One key element of increasing your mental stamina is observing proper nutrition. For the brain to function well, it requires significant energy and nutritional elements. If you don’t have a proper intake of enough nutrients, your cognitive functioning declines. Proteins and iron are an integral aspect of healthy diet for the brain.   Ensure that you stay away from processed sugars and take a multivitamin daily. Instead, integrate blueberries, almonds, and walnuts in your diet. These are also extremely beneficial to your brain because according to experts, they help balance blood sugars and improve cognition levels.  

Take Supplements

One proven method of improving your brain power and mental stamina is through the use of supplements. Effective supplements will make use of a perfected balance of different natural organic compounds and vitamins to provide your body and brain with the nutrients it needs to operate at peak levels. Our daily supplement, MINDFX makes use of organic beet powder, ginkgo  biloba, theobromine, rhodiola rosea, caffeine, and vitamin B12 to provide your body and mind with a perfected supplement that will bring you into a state of maximum alertness while  minimizing body fatigue.  

Get Appropriate Sleep

The human brain requires time to rest. During sleep cycles, your brain uses the time to process information and rebuild neural networks. Having inadequate time for sleep deprives the brain of this vital time for healing. This sleep inadequacy affects your mental stamina as well as alertness and can compound problems. 


Getting a healthy amount of exercise is vital for the functioning of the brain. Many experts recommend daily exercises that last at least thirty minutes. These exercises are crucial for developing and maintaining our muscles and ensure that our brain is functioning at its optimum capacity. Even simple exercises like five-minute walks can help in building your brain’s stamina  substantially. Additionally, engaging in outdoor exercises are more beneficial to the brain than indoor exercises. 

Manage Stress

Stress can surprisingly be one of the most debilitating obstacles for the wellbeing of your body and mind. Stress is regarded as a mental depressor, and some experts recommend that you use visualization exercises to address this. In the event that you are overwhelmed by a given situation, you can imagine that you are in a relaxing and calm location to allow your brain to return to a state of calm.  

Think Positively

Self-confidence and self-esteem are probably some of the most crucial characteristics that every athlete, and any human for that matter, need in life. When even a skilled athlete loses their confidence, it can result in a massive performance drop, as we see in the yips. Self-confidence can be an important mental exercise for any individual to practice. This can often be done through consciously thinking positive thoughts and repeating positive affirmations to yourself.  

Eliminate Distractions

Your focus can be very distracted when you attempt to multitask. For instance, attempting to read text, watching television, and attempting to complete important math problems all at the same time means providing divided attention to each one, and potentially underperforming in all three. Information will be missed, misunderstood, and mistakes will likely be made. If you want to increase your mental stamina and have great focus, find a quiet place to work, and focus on a single task at a time. 

Do Mental Exercises

Playing games that involve focus and attention can positively impact building your mental stamina, and develop your ability to focus more in the future. Engaging in difficult games and mental exercises can increase and improve your mental stamina significantly. These involving types of games include: 
  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Crossword puzzles

Plan for setbacks

Have you ever thought of how you can regain your focus when things go wrong? One of the essential qualities that separates elite athletes from the majority is their ability to maintain their composure when setbacks occur. You will need to develop and initiate techniques to counter these setbacks as they happen. It is essential to establish ahead of time what to do when pressure  mounts. Developing a contingency plan to counter potential setbacks will not only help deal with situations as they come up, but it will also boost your overall confidence and mental stamina. 


Ensure that you meditate frequently. Sit in a quiet place and empty all your thoughts. It’s challenging in the initial stages but becomes easier with time. This exercise helps in the relaxation of the mind and keeping it healthy.